Tosca Living Large in Heerlen’s Pancratius Square

You may remember that some months ago, SCHUNCK* Heerlen issued a challenge to high school students from seven European schools to design a sculpture inspired by “Hon – a Cathedral,” the legendary work Niki de Saint Phalle created for Stockholm’s Moderna Museet in 1966.

The context, of course, was the exhibition “Niki de Saint Phalle: Outside-In,” which opened at SCHUNCK* on 25 February. The winner, a polar bear named “Tosca,” was slated for full-size construction at the end of March.

Well, Tosca is now living large in Heerlen’s Pancratius Square, as you can see for yourself via this live streaming webcam. (To give you an idea how large, the object on the lower left is a person on a scooter.) The official unveiling took place on 30 April. If you read Dutch, the Dagblad De Limburger / Limburgs Dagblad has details (“Reusachtige ‘ijsbeer-sculptuur’ Tosca geopend“). Congratulations once again to the students at the Institut Saint-Laurent in Liège who came up with this design!