Guided Activities

Learn though guided video prompts! Below you will find hour-long guided art projects to boost your creativity.
Click on any video to start. Make sure your browser permits pop-up windows.

Drawing Break! #1 Gradient

Learn a handful of line and shading techniques and create an open composition while using mountains as your inspiration.

Drawing Break! #2 Organic and Geometric Shapes

Use organic and geometric shapes and patterns to create a graphic illustration.

Drawing Break! #3 Patterns

Practice line and pattern techniques and create an undulating snake.

Drawing Break! #4 Fruits & Veggies

Create a drawing composition by using a variety of lines to bring to life fruits and vegetables.

Drawing Break! #5 Leaves

Create a drawing composition by using a variety of lines. Using slogans for Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism movement is encouraged. Education is everything!

Drawing Break! #6 Mandala

Using a radial and a concentrically layered base, use the lines you have learned to create a Mandala. Follow along for some tips and tricks on starting it off.

Drawing Break! #7 Moon craters

Put your line and pattern skills set to use in creating this drawing of Moon craters.

Drawing Break! #8 Blending Primary Colors in pencil

Create a swatch blending secondary colors from red, blue and yellow pencils, then draw a fruit composition.

Drawing Break! #9 Creating Rainbow and Fluorescent Effects

Draw a sea creature using rainbow and fluorescent effects with colored pencils

Drawing Break! #10 Tarot Card

Create your own Tarot Card drawing of the Wheel of Fortune with colored pencils

Drawing Break! Watercolor #1 Flat-Wash

Create a composition of a pumpkin and skulls with liquid watercolors

Drawing Break! Watercolor #2 Controlled Splatter

Use ink, watercolors, and a straw to create controlled splattered imagery! You have the option to create a Monarch butterfly or to try the technique with for an abstract composition.

Drawing Break! Watercolor #3 Masking Tape

This is a tutorial using masking tape and watercolor to emulate Mexican inspired "Papel Picado!"

Drawing Break! Watercolor #4 Flat Wash

Create a flower in flat wash

Drawing Break! #5 Wateroclor- Wet on Wet and Salt Effect

Try out a wet on wet technique with some added salt to create interesting backgrounds for future doodles

Drawing Break! #6 Textures with Plastic Wrap, Tissue, and Foil

Get experimental with us in this texture technique Drawing Break! We will use a variety of at home supplies to create interesting textures to our watercolors.

Drawing Break! #7 Masking Fluid and Splatter Portrait

Create a Matisse-inspired portraits using masking fluid! Fill the background with a watercolor wash, and a layer of splatter paint on top.

Drawing Break! #1 Perspective Town Road Drawing

Draw a Town Road in One-Point-Perspective.

Drawing Break! #2 Worm's Eye View

Draw a cityscape in one-point-perspective view from below, as though the observer were a worm.

Drawing Break! #3 One-Point Room

Decorate your dream room with one-point perspective.

Drawing Break! #4 High Horizon

Show perspective with the use of a high horizon line in this gondola scenery.

Drawing Break! #5 Foreshortening

Learn about the concept of foreshortening by drawing a "curious" swan.

Drawing Break! #6 Bird's Eye View

How do birds view the world from above? Try creating a coastal landscape from their perspective.

Drawing Break! #7 Horizon Line

Create a desert scenery and learn about drawings using a horizon line.

Drawing Break! #8 2-Point-Perspective Exterior

Draw a whimsical house to introduce the concept of 2-point-perspective.

Drawing Break! #9 2-Point-Perspective Interior

Create an interior view of the house.

Drawing Break! #10 2-Point-Perspective

Use a pencil, ruler and markers for this 2-point-perspective City block.